BE IT RESOLVED by the City Council of Heron lake, Minnesota, that the following appointments are effective for the calendar year 2014:
Regular meeting dates: 1st Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. (Should Council not be able to hold meeting on this date, change will be posted on the
Community Center & Post Office entry doors in Heron Lake noting the date change.)

**City Council
Mayor:  Jason Freking
Council Members:  Roger FitzHenry, Glenn Kuhnau, John Hay, Carol Wagner
Brenda Martin-Granstra
Deputy Clerk/Treasurer: Tami Shelton
Pro-Tem Mayor:  John Hay
Official Newspaper:  Tri County News
Official Depository:  Commercial Bank of Minnesota
Official Check Endorsers: Jason Freking
Official Auditor: Dennis L. Rick, LTD.
Mileage Reimbursement Rate set as: IRS rate (.56 per mile)
**City Council member assignments:
                                Streets and Water
Roger FitzHenry:   Liquor Store
                                Trees,Parks, and Sidewalks
Glenn Kuhnau:       Equipment,
                                Burn Site, Solid Waste
                                Disposal and Non-voting   
John Hay:               Library
                                Weed Inspector
**Council Members in Charge of Personnel:
Greg Kruse:
   Public Works Director
Roger FitzHenry:    Liquor Store Manager
Jason Freking:     Police Chief, Clerk/Treasurer
**Official Insurance Agent of Record: Gary Schimbeno of the Risk Manage-
ment Partners
**Official City Attorney: Chris Butzon of Costello, Carlson & Butzon, LLP
**Heron Lake Area Community Center Management Board:
John Hay
- City Council
Don Vanderheiden - Senior Citizens Club
Myron Horkey - American Legion
Gail Hansen - City Representative
Jacki Liepold - Rural Representative
Rita Henkels - Jackson County Library Board Community Representative
Revolving Loan Fund Committee:  
City Council Representatives: John Hay
EDA Representatives: Wayne Rasche & Allen Jensen
Representatives at Large: Jeremy Janssen, Cathy Hohenstein & Gary Schimbeno
Board of Health: Gail Hansen, Lois Rasche, Jane Fest
Rental Inspections:  John Hay, Kevin Leopold, Tony Fauglid
Industrial Water Treatment Plant:  John Hay
Zoning Administrator: John Hay
Zoning Board: Leo Rasche (Chairman), Jayne Miranowski, Kevin Leopold, Roger FitzHenry & Marty Henkels
Park & Recreation Board: John Stenzel from School Board, Fire Department Representative Chad Diemer, Mahlon Iverson from American Legion, City Council Glenn Kuhnau
Cable TV Board: Milt McKeown, Chairman; Cammy Winkler, John Hay
Public Safety: Police Department - Tony Fauglid
Emergency Management Director (Civil Defense):
Police Department
Economic Development Authority Board: Mayor Jason Freking; City Council member Glenn Kuhnau, Community Members; Jerry Christopherson, Dean Garoutte, Allen Jensen, Wayne Rasche, Thereasa Lesch
Tree Board: Wayne Rasche, Roger Fitzhenry, Brad Hill
Fire Department Officers: Chad Diemer, Chief; Brad Doherty, First Assistant Chief; Nick Doescher, Second Assistant Chief; Denise Steinman, Secretary; Harold Grube, Treasurer
Highway 60 Representative: John Hay
Library Board: Lori Burdick, Robyn Gunther, Stacey Grube, Lori Hay, Ruth Eigenberg, Teresa Enderson, Karrie Green
Ambulance Director: John Hay
Personnel Committee: Jason Freking & John Hay
The 2014 fee schedule was approved, indicating costs for city services, licenses and rentals.  Added to the 2014 fee schedule is a $25 re-inspection fee for rental inspections, if additional inspections are required for non-compliance.  The full fee schedule is available at City Hall.